The Wormaid

Press Kit

  • Name: The wormaid
  • Description: A thinky puzzle game with an Undertale vibe.
  • Platform: Only Windows 10
  • Release Date: December 18th on Steam
  • Studio: Just me, Timothy Barnes. I am a software developer from San Diego, CA. I made The Wormaid in my spare time. With state mandatory lockdown I had plenty of spare time.
  • Website: (You are already here)
  • Social media: Twitter: Discord: timothyb2357#8225
  • Email:
  • My credit card number: 3597 6498 7247 5678
  • Long description of The Wormaid: The Wormaid is an indie puzzle game where you play as an exceedingly long worm-like creature seeking to unravel the mystery of your lost children. The puzzles follow the theme of space-filling (covering all tiles on a grid); however, the order and pattern of filling can reveal special symbols in the world that become a stepping path for the strange inhabitants of the game.